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Toilet Suites & Toilet Pans


Reach Toilet Suite 3233A-0

Reve Toilet Suite 5230A-00

Panache Wall Faced Pan 18154A-0

Nido Toilet Suite Y0ZH+Y0Z7

Daytime Evo Wall Faced Pan YXLQ

Opiaz Toilet Suite 3735A-0

Escale Toilet Suite 3737A-0

Fusion-Q Wall Hung Pan YXLW

Nido Wall Faced Pan YXLP

Fusion Toilet Suite Y0ZM+Y0TI

Ove Wall Faced Pan 19965A-0

Reve Wall Hung Pan 5036A-00

Escale Wall Hung Pan 45287A-0

Nido Wall Hung Pan Y0U2

Fusion Wall Faced Pan Y0ZM

Ove Wall Hung Pan 19957A-0

Parliament Toilet Suite 4346A-0

Viragio Wall Hung Pan 4462A-00

Daytime Evo Toilet Suite YXLR+YXLS

Fusion Wall Hung Pan Y0XB

The toilet suite is one of the most utilitarian things in the home but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put some thought into choosing one. Here are our hints and tips to make sure that you get the suite that is ideal for you. Make sure that your suite is attractive and actually suits the rest of your bathroom. There is no point in choosing an ultra modern suite if you have a period style bathroom, for example! Of course, while you want your suite to look good, you also want it to be comfortable. It may seem a little weird to you but it may be worth sitting on a display model in a showroom to make sure that you like how it feels. Today’s suites have certainly stepped up in terms of style, shape, comfort and water efficiency.

Visit our modern display centre in Osborne Park today located at 10 Sundercombe Street to view a wide variety of wall faced toilet suites, wall hung suites and other bathroom fixtures and fittings for the complete home including a bubble shop gallery showcasing working spa models or shop online at www.galvindesign.com.au.