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Bathroom Showers & Showering Gallery


Elevation Overhead 98128A-CP

Flipside Hand Shower R5509A-CP

Flipside Rail Shower R5512A-CP

Watertile Overhead 8022A-CP

Stance Hand Shower 14791A-CP

Omega Rail Shower 10744A-CP

Rainduet Combination 8943A-CP

Watertile Shower Panel 8030A-CP

Stance Overhead 14787A-CP

Elevation Rail Shower 98127A-CP

Raincan Rain Shower 18358A-CP

Elevation Hand Shower 98130A-CP

Nectar Rail Shower 98200A-CP

Raincan Rain Shower 18360A-CP

A shower is a place in which a person bathes under a spray of typically warm or hot water. It can also bee a heavenly relaxing experience after a lot day at work or an early morning refreshment after a round at the local gym. There are a few important things to remember when choosing the right shower. Do you want a drenching rain shower experience? Are you water conscious? What type of shower enclosure do you have? Shower outlets are often the central feature and are designed in every shape and size imaginable to take your shower experience to new levels. With so many choices you can enjoy the flexibility of the shower rail, the elegance of an overhead shower or, for the best of both worlds, consider a twin shower rail. Perth Bathroom Packages by galvin::design offers a wide selection of modern and contemporary choices for the bathroom. So whether you are building or renovating we have the right selection for you.

Visit our modern display centre in Osborne Park today located at 10 Sundercombe Street to view a wide variety of luxury rain and rail showers to suit any bathroom style. Our display features a working shower centre as well as other bathroom fixtures and fittings for the complete home including a bubble shop gallery showcasing working spa models or shop online at www.galvindesign.com.au.