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Marblo Mojo Collection – Humble Beginnings

Marblo basins and baths tubs are the natural choice. Warm unlike ceramic products Marblo wash basins and bath tubs are manufactured using natural polymers which are warm to the touch and softer in appearance. It’s about form and function, striving to achieve that balance between cutting edge and timelessness.

Quality wash basins with a sophisticated style not only make any bathroom look more modern, but they also help anybody in the room to feel more at home. The clean and simple look of the basins is a timeless one that fits perfectly with modern bathrooms. Understated and elegant, Marblo will not look out of place in a more traditional bathroom either.

The wide range that Marblo offers ensures that the high quality workmanship and design helps them to stand out. Helping create a style that speaks to the home owner to achieve their desired look. From a simple circle design to less conventional rectangular, petal or vase shapes, any consumer will be able to have the perfect basin for their bathrooms. With a semi-gloss finish these products are easy care and need less maintenance.

Marblo Mojo Collection – Square/Rectangular Options

Starting off the glamorous series is the 425mm square basin. Perfect for a powder room or small bathroom, this countertop basin is beautifully designed. The rectangular versions are available in 600mm, 700mm, 800mm. With the width ranging from 350mm – 450mm. If you wish to have double vanities, these basin will look spectacular, giving you a picture perfect look.

As these are only 100mm high which allows for a sophisticated look. The freestanding pedestal basin will make quite a statement piece in your powder or bathroom. Therefore those who want something extra special this is the piece for you. The rectangular baths will be another beautiful addition to this collection. In this Marblo range is the 1500mm, 1600mm, & 1800mm. These baths will make a spectacular statement piece accompanied by the Marblo basin range.


Marblo Mojo Collection – Oval/Round Options

In the Marblo range we have the round and oval version within this devine collection. Round basins are available in 430mm & 530mm. Beautifully suited to a small powder room or smaller bathroom. The oval countertop basins are stunning with the sizes ranging from 530mm, 600mm, 700mm & 800mm. The freestanding pedestal basin is 530mm wide and cylindrical in design.

A stunning piece that will suit a wall basin mixer to add some sparkle to your bathroom. The baths come in sizes from 1500mm, 1650mm, & 1800mm. Therefore the bath depth could allow for two people to soak together and enjoy a glass of wine. Wanting to create a spa like atmosphere?, this range will make bath time an indulgence experience not to forget.


Marblo Collection – Ellipse Options

One of my personal favourites in the Marblo collection is the ellipse range. With the sizes ranging from 510mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm. A pillow like design, these basins will be pleasing to the eye and soft in appearance. Suitable with a tall or wall basin mixer these basins will compliment any bathroom or powder room. Also available in this Ellipse range is the freestanding 1650mm bath. Complimenting the basin range, this bath will look impeccable in your bathroom.


Marblo Collection – Statement Piece

The Marblo range of unique pieces are meant to be different. Organic sensual quality, objects in your bathroom you can admire that looks beautiful and great to feel and touch. The Petal basin is 585mm in width, this stunning design is to replicate a flower petal. With a design that is rounded at the top and slowly does down to a small base. From the outside the basin tapers in on both sides making a sophisticated and elegant addition to your bathroom.

The Goddess is a matching bath and basin set that will transport you to somewhere else. Goddess is something that you almost climb into and are cocooned by and surrounded by the magnificent architectural detail. The stunning sculptured basin and bath will be something to behold and will definitely bring you the WOW factor into your bathroom.

The Marblo Vase has been inspired by flower vases if you like, object vases, glass vase that we have found and like. The vase basin and bath is something that opens out, like the top of a vase. Intricate in detail therefore the ultimate statement piece in your bathroom.


Why Choose Marblo?

Marblo seems to have this sort of warmth and almost sensual feel that other materials don’t seem to have. Comfortable, smooth and enveloping, Marblo as a material does that conduit connection to the senses. If you are wanting a unique, stunning, sensual piece in your bathroom, look no further than Marblo.

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