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The Kohler Reve Collection teams bathing, basins and toilets in one seamless look of graceful, linear lines, flat surfaces and geometric shapes that, on closer inspection, reveal beautifully softened corners and subtly rounded edges. Bring modern European style to your bathroom with the Kohler Reve Cast Iron Freestanding Bath. Crafted from enamelled cast iron with anti-slip floor finish and an easy-clean, high-gloss finish, the luxurious Kohler Reve bath includes adjustable cast iron feet and wooden float.
With a variety of matching washbasins the Kohler Reve collection is a perfect solution to a designer bathroom.


surface mount basin`s



new bathroom products eg. The Kohler Reve. Bathroom ideas and master bathroom design all on display at Perth Bathroom Packages. Whether you are looking for at a bathroom renovation. Building your new dream home or simply needing to replace your bathroom accessories. Visit our showroom today located in Osborne Park to see our full sized bathroom displays. And you will be inspired too. View the complete Kohler Reve collection. We will personalise your bathroom and cater to any taste.

Check out our Kohler Reve fixtures. Especially if this is your first attempt at bathroom renovations or designing a new bath try Kohler Reve, advice from tiling professionals is highly recommended. Looking for tips on how to spruce up your bathroom too. Or need décor ideas for a swift makerever? The Galvin Design blog is full of handy hints and tips for everything bathroom-related. And The Kohler Reve.

Especially if this is your first attempt at bathroom renovations or designing a new bath, advice from Galvin Design professionals is highly recommended. The Kohler Reve is engineered so that nothing comes between you, your bathing preferences and all-encompassing comfort.


kohler reve

Square lines and linear angles is the essence of the Kohler Reve collection. The Kohler Reve is styled to suit any modern theme bathroom.

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Likewise, tapware that have a square and angular design. Complement a bathroom with straighter lines.

The bathroom floor is now stealing the limelight. Kohler Reve is an evolution of the washbasin as a piece of furniture. An area in which Kohler has already enjoyed success in the years. As a result It’s a unique example of a fusion of shape, space, minimal dimensions and forms. The reduced depth makes it possible to optimise use of all the spaces without penalising the amplitude of the washbasin.

The contemporary design of this collection too is in the design. Hence it interprets in an original way modern themes. Such as: basins of reduced depth, squared edges and flat surfaces. Kohler Reve has two different depths. But too a very wide range of washbasins varying in types, lengths and possible solutions.

It represents a new stage in the development of a system as a driver of solutions for the bathroom, eg. a surface-mounted basin installation or SLIDING Wood System sink base unit too. Without over-flow and can be combined with fittings and aesthetic drain trap too.


The Kohler Reve range in all its glory eg. the wall basins combined with the 350x350mm platform extension. Seamlessly blending into a traditional or modern bathroom Optional tap holes. Under basin shelf and towel bars too. View our Kohler Reve display at the Galvin Design Gallery 10 Sundercombe Street, Osborne Park Perth. Hence creating your dream bathroom.

With a generous array of options in the Reve collection. Hence you can get creative with your space, whatever your taste. Whether you prefer curves or straight lines in a basin design. Storage in drawers, doors or shelves, you’ll be truly spoiled for choice.

Therefore if you’ve searched online or visited a bathroom showroom recently you will know that the choice of bathroom basins is enormous too. Hence at Perth Bathroom Packages we have all the quality product and expert knowledge. All you could want for your bathroom renovation. Hence While also carrying all the knick knacks, accessories and you need to finish it off too. Therefore you could almost say we have everything you need.


When using a hidden bottle trap, we therefore recommend a decorative chrome trap eg. a bottletrap. This will take up minimal space inside drawers too. Bottle traps are visible beneath basins, we recommend using a chrome fitting for best visual appeal a sophisticated. Hence create an elegant space designed around personal wellbeing.

Kohler Reve specialises in the production of porcelain sanitary appliances: washbasins of every type and form. Floor-mounted and suspended toilets and bidets, but also furniture too. Accessories and towel bars. Kohler is a big, acclaimed and awarded International company.

Which produces high-quality sanitaryware. Therefore retaining at the same time the eco-friendly approach to … Area … Our company, in charge of the distributor of the Kohler Reve. Hence provides with complex warranty and post-warranty services of the items purchased too from our store.


Sliding wood system: Contain and expand. Kohler Reve 800mm counter top basin too. Kohler Reve counter top basin with tap hole. Find this Pin and more on Bathroom by Galvin Design. Indulgent ensuites therefore need indulgent tapware. And when better to indulge than the holiday season.

Here are our latest tapware picks. Eg. most of all when you embark on your remodeling journey. Keep in mind the importance of bathroom basins aswell. This is one of the many things that make your bathroom seem special and inviting too. When choosing a bathroom basin therefore we recommend getting it right.


The Kohler Reve wall basin is mounted to the bathroom wall with brackets. Therefore without a surrounding bathroom vanity, hence it is ideal for use in bathrooms with limited space. These Kohler Reve basins can be used too with pedestals or shrouds.

To enhance the finish in the bathroom. Perth Bathroom Packages helps you select the best basin for your bathroom.

Basins come in a variety of materials, colours and designs aswell but porcelain ones are highly popular. Especially in bathrooms. Two reasons for this is the fact that porcelain basins complement all decor styles from modern to traditional and therefore add their special sheen to the ambiance of any bathroom.

When selecting a Kohler Reve basin, consider the other elements of your bathroom too. Rounded basins, baths and bathroom accessories look great. And paired with taps that have curved spouts and rounded handles, eg. soft lines work well with soft lines.


The KOHLER REVE wall basin is an evolution of the bathroom sink into a unique piece of furniture. Therefore it is an area in which Kohler has already enjoyed success the years. Hence it’s an example of a fusion of shape, space, minimal dimensions and forms make the Kohler Reve counter basin is an ideal compact solution eg. the basin design.

The Kohler Reve Basin gives you a variety of options for your dream bathroom. So hence the finished result will be an incredible space that is unique to you. Therefore these Basins feature an elegant oval shape. Which is characteristic of the Kohler Reve range. The new Kohler Reve system represents a unique synthesis of form, space, minimal size and type.

The system’s core is a ceramic form with constant proportions but variable width. An oval bowl, flawless in its geometry, is placed in different positions to provide different types of bathroom fittings.

Surface-mounted installation or SLIDING Wood System sink base unit. Without over-flow. Therefore it can be combined with accessories and aesthetic drain trap. These Basins feature the elegant oval shape which is characteristic of the Kohler range. With a variety of styles and sizes, including countertop and wall-hung Basins. Eg. the Reve vessel basin.

The Kohler Reve wall basin is simply a master in its creation. The simple design allows a multiple way of using the collection of basins. Hence our Basins are one of the most-used fixtures in your bathroom. Therefore functionality and quality are important considerations too. Whether you’re looking for practical and family friendly, or innovative design sophistication, think about where your basin will go too.


Probably the most commonly used basin, a top mount, or ‘drop-in sink’, as the name suggests, is designed to sit on top of the bench.

Generally speaking, most of the basins sits below the benchtop. With just the rim of the basin sitting on top. The rim can either be very slim or a bit chunkier like the one pictured, depending on the style you choose aswell.

PROS: Top-mount Basins are suitable with pretty much any benchtop material including timber and laminate. As the cut out is completely by the basin and therefore doesn’t risk being damaged by water. They are also less costly to install into a stone benchtop too. Because they don’t require laborious polishing of the cut out edges as with an under-mount basin.


As the name suggests, a vessel basin like the Kohler Reve is basically like a large bowl, so they are a great choice if you like a deep basin that you can hold plenty of water in.

CONS: Due to the height of vessel basins and the way in which they sit above the bench, careful planning of the bench height. And of the height of the cabinets below too, is required to ensure that the basin doesn’t end up being too high. And uncomfortable for you to use. Hence this often leads to less storage space under the bench. Cleaning around the base and back of the Kohler Reve basin can also be a bit tricky too.

With this style of basin, the basin itself is actually moulded as part of the benchtop. They can be made from various materials such as porcelain or acrylic. The main advantage of the Kohler Reve is that it’s so easy to clean. Therefore there are no ridges or joins so it’s very streamlined and a great choice for busy family bathrooms.

These all-in-one tops like the Kohler Reve are usually designed so the benchtop gradually slopes down and inwards to create a basin in the middle. This can lead to having less flat bench space to put things. On than what you would have had if you opted for a top-mount basin sitting on top of a benchtop, for example.

A vessel basin is one that generally sits completely on top of your benchtop, although there are some models that sit partially below the bench.

PROS: Unlike most other Kohler Reve basins that have little or none of the basin exposed above the bench, vessel basins demand attention and are a great way of creating a statement in your bathroom.


If your bathroom or ensuite has limited space you might consider the Kohler Reve, but if you would still like some vanity cabinets below your basin for storage. Then a semi-recessed basin might be the solution you need. There are also clever ways to create storage space in the bathroom. Maybe a hidden cabinets behind a mirror for example.

PROS: A Kohler Reve semi-recessed basin sits proud at the front of cabinets, and the benchtop that it sits on, allowing you to have much shallower cabinets therefore maybe even as shallow as 300mm, depending on the basin you choose. But we all like deeper cabinets these days.

This can free up valuable space on your floor too. It also keeps a lot of the bench space free for your cosmetics and products with the Kohler Reve. Much like a pedestal basin, they are a good option for young children and people with limited mobility too. As you can get closer to the basin to Reve the tap without the obstruction of a benchtop and cabinets.

CONS: The storage space underneath is limited. Also, because there isn’t any benchtop around the front of the basin. To catch water, splashes and spills onto the floor are more common. Especially if you have children too.


Hence it’s tough when you can’t Reve the tap to rinse off the toothpaste threatening to drip onto your chest. Therefore it is important to consider everyday life is when you have little legs and arms.

There are different choices for Basins, but first you need to decide if the smashingly stylish new sink you’re planning on getting is for an en-suite guest bathroom, the powder room, or your family bathroom. Once you know where it’s going. It’s a little easier to think about the functionality. For a family bathroom, maybe your little people need little versions of sinks .

Kohler Reve Basins selections by Galvin Design Gallery. Find quality Kohler Reve bathroom basins to use in your home. We can cater for all different budgets and styles in our entire wall, vanity, under counter and semi recessed basin ranges. The Kohler Reve is home to the very finest selection of European designer bathroom Basins including exclusive pieces from leading Kohler design house. Hence creating a masterpiece of design.


I agree that vessel sinks are beautiful and interesting. However, after using them several times in hotels and restaurants, I know that I would never want one in my house. They are messy! Water splashes everywhere and it’s difficult to clean the counters under/ around them. I much prefer an under mount sink that you can wipe stuff into.

Why not add some natural products into your lifestyle. Using granite or marble is a beautiful way to enhance your area to a new and luxurious spa like retreat. Hence make sure you plan for these practical kitchen features and you’ll save bags of time and effort in the long run.

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s not only a time for rest, relaxation and festivities. Therefore it’s also time for guests for the Kohler Reve. Here are some quick bathroom updates to leave your guests feeling funky fresh and truly impressed. My suggestion is the Kohler Reve.

Well, there are many things to consider such as the colour tone, its look, what is your budget of purchasing it. How much should be the storage space, what types of bathroom basins are available, and what not. Curious to find out more about the history of the brand, the uniqueness of the bath material and tips on bathroom design.

Buy bathroom sinks here. As with wall mounted toilets, wall mounted sinks are an excellent way to save floor space and to make your small bathroom appear more open. When we’re not lusting over new bath and basin designs and visualising swanky storage solutions.Choosing the right basin is essential to complete a bathroom, it is a centerpiece, so it needs to be the perfect one which is the Kohler Reve.


you want to make sure that you have plenty of space in your bathroom as well. If possible, replace the vanity and floor cabinets in your bathroom with floating vanity, wall shelves and basin. We’re proud to be one of Australia’s leading suppliers of kitchen, bathroom & laundry products, offering a huge range throughout Australia.

Introduce indulgence into your designs with marble a composite bathroom basin. The Kohler Reve available here in Sydney and across Australia. Using marble of the highest quality, our stunning pieces combine sleek, seamless lines with a smooth surface. The Gods, I think, have good taste in the design of a bathroom. There was a dry marble basin thirty feet long, ten feet across. At the far end was a waterfall pouring into a drain. Along the near tile wall was a towel rack, and shelves with bars of soap.

To the right is a beautiful basin by Kohler Reve. It is both modern and rustic and would look perfect on top of a handmade, bespoke vanity unit too. You may not realise what a pivotal role your bathroom basin makes to your overall bathroom design. These days your bathroom basin is a centre piece in your overall design, which is why it’s so important to find the right one that will blend in and enhance the space. Kohler Reve Bathroom Basins.