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The Kohler Escale Collection

The Kohler Escale is conceived from the form of a sail in the wind and Japanese ceramic tableware design. The Kohler Escale range takes you on a journey of style to create a clean new look for your bathroom. A timeless classic, Kohler Escale combines flexibility with highly distinctive design.

The Kohler Escale Basin Collection

Kohler Escale basins range comes in variety of forms. The beautiful Kohler Escale semi recessed basin brings well balanced form and elegant smooth contours. The Kohler Escale semi recess basin features straight lines, clean angles and squared edges offering a contemporary take on traditional design. The Kohler Escale vanity basin offers the one taphole option which is suitable for installing a mixer tap in the basin. The Escale vanity basin is practical and discreet, reducing clutter and bringing a sense of openness to your bathroom.

The Escale wall basin is available in two options, the 650mm or the 1010mm. The 650mm is a beautiful wall basin which its contemporary styling will suit any modern bathroom. You can either have the wall basin on it’s own or you can have a pedestal to suit the wall basin. This will give you a more traditional look for your bathroom with an elegant twist. If you want your wall basin to be a standout in your powder room than look no further than the Kohler Escale.

The longer version of the wall basin enables you to place items on the counter. The top of the basin looks like a sail and is beautifully flows down to finished edges. With both the wall basins having a taphole for your mixer. One of the most beautiful pieces in the Kohler Escale collection is the handwash basin which keeps on giving. This Escale handbasin comes with a taphole, and features a shroud with a towel bar. This eliminates having to have a separate towel bar or ring. Ideal for a powder room as it is only 500mm in length, this hand basin will take minimal space, but still offering you a decent basin for guests to wash their hands.

The Kohler Escale Toilet Collection

The Kohler Escale toilet suite uses a beautiful design that will suit any modern bathroom. It features straight lines, clean angles and square edges. The Escale toilet suite can add a touch of designer elegance to any bathroom. A bathroom space designed in the traditional way with a modern influence. The Kohler Escale wall hung pan is another unique design to consider for your bathroom. As a wall hung piece will give you the illusion that the space is bigger and requires less maintenance. This unique piece will give you a minimalist look which will turn your bathroom into an amazing sanctuary.

The Kohler Escale Bath Collection

The Kohler Escale bath is available in a 1775mm, giving you the perfect spa experience at home. With various options, this bath is sure to please. The Escale bath is available as an inset as well as freestanding. This bath will conform to your body making it one of the most luxurious experiences for your mind, body and soul. The Escale bath is also comes with a luxury pillow as an accessory so you can rest your wary head while relaxing.

The bubble massage in the Escale range is an air bath hydrotherapy is designed to deliver a holistic, full body experience. Warm air is pushed through the 360 degree staggered air jet design, creating thousands of bubbles. Your entire body is thoroughly massaged, while the random motion of bubbles traveling along your body to the surface helps center and clear your mind. You can tailor the intensity of each bathing experience, from a soothing carers to a vigorous massage. Bubbles completely surround and massage the body at your preferred level of intensity, healing to center the mind and stimulate the release of muscle tension. Depending on the choice of airflow setting, the experience is anything from a gentle bubble action to an energizing massage.

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