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Hatria Happy Hour Collection

Our Hatria Happy Hour collection is a series in which the main feature are the wash basins. These wash basins are linear in form, ergonomic in their function and with reduced dimensions. Either wall fixed or countertop, their design is associated with the different hours of the day. The Happy Hours are content to live, to furnish and to offer beauty and personality. The stunning range of the Happy Hour collection will make sure that there is something for everyone. Let’s begin our Happy Hour collection with the countertop basin ranges.

Hatria Happy Hour Collection – Rounded Range

We start our Happy Hour collection with the 475mm round basin. This basin gives the illusion of a semi inset basin without being one. Standard inclusion is a taphole which allows you to use a standard mixer. With an addition of a overflow this will prevent any nasty accidents in the bathroom. The design of the basin tapers in towards the bottom of the basin therefore gives a less bulky look.

In the collection is the Happy Hour 440mm size, quite a grand basin in stature. Generous in the bowl size this is a must for messy washers. You can either have a wall mixer or a tall mixer as this basin gives you good height. Finally within the collection is the 700mm Happy Hour ellipse model. This basin on the outside tapers inwards towards the base of the basin to a flat bottom. Stopping any excess water is the overflow as in the 475mm model. Beautiful and sophisticated this Happy Hour will look stunning in any bathroom.

Hatria Happy Hour Collection – Squared Range

The Happy Hours are also available in the square version. The 398mm model is a medium sized basin with a generous bowl depth. Square with rounded corners which allows for a softer appearance. You can either have round or square tapware as this Happy Hour basin gives you the best of both worlds. Therefore your choice of mixer can either be a tall or wall mounted version.

This will also depend on the depth of your bench as you will require access to the back of the basin for cleaning. Wall mounted tapware is less maintenance as it does not need to take up any bench space. Lastly the Happy Hour 500mm rectangular basin is another great option that will offer you great depth. Adding to the seamless look as it as round corners as the 398mm version. Providing you have a good area this basin will add some character to your bathroom. Happy Hour 550mm tapers in towards the base of the basin and is rounded in the corners to provide a softer look.

Hatria Happy Hour Collection – Wall or Semi Recessed/h2>

Adding some personality to a powder room or small space will be the Happy Hour wall basin. With a predrilled taphole and an overflow this basin is sure to impress. A generous bowl size so you can get both hands in to wash them. Therefore this 480mm Happy Hour will compliment the collection beautifully throughout your home.

For those who are slightly restricted with space the Happy Hour semi recessed is exceptionally stylish. It only protrudes partially from the surface they are placed on unlike an inset or countertop. This results in something this is halfway between the two, therefore only protrudes out from the edge of the countertop. This creates a very unique and interesting look which works exceptionally well in modern bathrooms as a style feature.

Hatria Happy Hour Collection – Undercounter Range

Finishing off this Happy Hour collection is the Happy Hour undercounter basins. The bonus with these is you have the option of a round 440mm or a rectangular 550mm. Leading the way for a maintenance free option. As an undercounter lends itself to say if you have messy bench, you can just wipe the excess water straight into the basin. You also have the option of a wall mounted or a standard basin mixer. So as you can see there is a lot of variety in the Happy Hour collection and there is something for everyone.