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The Hatria Grandangolo Collection Introduction

Hatria Grandangolo is a system of washbasins with elegant and unusual asymmetric shapes, enrich Hatrias top range of products. Hatria Grandangolo has impressive technical and expressive contents, it’s a strikingly innovative concept for the contemporary bathroom. Grandangolo lines optimises spaces and are an attractive perspective in any bathroom, including corners. The beautifully architectural design of the grandangolo is made of beautiful smooth lines and unique angles. Therefore making a modern and minimalist range. The Grandangolo features a thick top panel and spacious slanted basin, which helps water to flow directly to the waste.

The Unique Hatria Grandangolo Trapezial Collection

The Hatria Grandangolo Trapezial is a unique basin that angles in slightly to give you a very edgy basin that is not only contemporary but stylish. The Grandangolo Trapezial is available in 1300mm, left or right hand facing. With the option of wall mounted tapware or a standard basin mixer, this will be a stunning piece in your home. If you are requiring additional bench space then the platform would be a great addition. The 500mm platform can be mounted on the end of the longer side of the wall basin. An accessories range is also available in the trapezial range. Towel bars are an option which can be installed on either the basin or the platform, adding an extra element. To make your basin come to life, you can have an exposed bottle trap to give you a really authentic look.

The Hatria Grandangolo Collection – Mix & Match

The Hatria Grandangolo is available in a few different sizes and can accommodate any modern space. The 500mm and 750mm basin can either be a left or right hand facing, which will make any small area look bigger. The 500mm Hatria Grandangolo comes with a taphole which will suit a simple and elegant basin mixer. The 750mm has no taphole so you can have the option of a wall basin mixer to keep the simplicity of the basin. This will also allow for easy care maintenance. However if you prefer to have a taphole this is also an option provided.

The Grandangolo wall basins in 1000mm, 1300mm, 1500mm options all have a left hand facing basin. These are stylishly elegant and you can either have a wall mounted tapware or have a single taphole. As these Hatria Grandangolo basins are so sophisticated and elegant in their design, it will be a statement piece in your bathroom.

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