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Hamptons Style Bathroom

One of the fasted growing design trends has been the Hamptons Style Bathroom. The classic timeless look creates a relaxed and serene beach lifestyle. You can create a beautiful homely feel that is casual and graceful, thus giving you a oasis or retreat away from your busy lifestyle. Here we are going to look at a few tips to create your own hamptons style bathroom.


A white subway tile is a classic choice for a Hamptons style bathroom but it can look quite modern too. Marble tiles can be applied aswell in various shapes such as hexagonal, basket-weave and herringbone. Floor tiles can be either dark patterned tile or a white & grey mixture. Even a larger marble tile can be used for a Hamptons style bathroom. This is an area you need to think about the foot traffic. For example if you have younger children and muddy shoes, you would be inclined to use a dark tile which will show less dirt on the floor.


A Hamptons style bathroom is reminiscent of coastal living. So Naturally, it makes sense to reflect this sentiment in the lighting design. Wall mounted lighting can pay homage to a nautical past and is a great way to subtly carry this theme through. Therefore adding the perfect finish to the Hamptons bathroom.The Hamptons style bathroom is meant to keep your space uplifted. Light, elevating whites and pastels are the way to go with your colour scheme. Beautiful, bright and airy. Therefore the white bathroom is a crowd pleaser and adds more light to the room.

Plumbing Fixtures

Many will say traditional tapware is the way to go. However it isn`t always the case, in a Hamptons style bathroom. As long as it`s not super modern, like a square mixer for example, a contemporary basin mixer can work just as well. And still give you the Hamptons style bathroom. Not to mention there is a lot more choice in the Australian market. Basins do not need to be overly ornate. A simple rectangle semi inset basin like the Kohler Parliament is perfect for a Hamptons style bathroom. The shape is quite soft and subtle, with a hint of deco. It can be a little more challenging choosing a traditional style toilet as the options are very limited. However Once again the Kohler Parliament range is ideally suited for a Hamptons style bathroom.


Mirror`s usually in a Hamptons style bathroom have a framed border which matches the cabinetry work. But I have seen mirrors with bevelled edges and borders used like the Ablaze Modesty mirror, which as elegant detailing around the edge.


The door has a frame and panel profile, often with a slight beveled edge on the frame. The doors can come in various finishes. For a Hamptons style bathroom, this will be either a painted or a polyurethane finish. A Shaker profiled door can be inset into the frame of the cabinetry. In modern style bathrooms, the doors run flush next to each other without an exposed frame. This style of door originated in England during the 18th Century Shaker movement in furniture design. The design ethos was simple: keep things durable, functional and plain in style. Surfaces are usually a soft coloured stone like calcutta or carrara marble.

Our Top Tips for Plumbing Fixtures

Kohler ParliamentToilet Suite

Kohler ParliamentSemi Inset Basin

Kohler ArtifactsBasin Set

Ablaze ModestyRectangular Mirror

The sophisticated old world charm of the Hamptons style bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. And for anyone who make a priority of substance in design. Particularly for those seeking an change to the sleek and buffed minimalism of contemporary design. Which can sometimes feel devoid of depth or character. Breezy, spacious and embracing – the hallmarks of the Hamptons style bathroom make a natural fit for the beach-side or family lifestyle. Therefore seamlessly translating into both past and modern homes of Australia. And particularly in Perth where we enjoy a coastal, summer breezy climate.

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