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Bathroom Design Trends 2016

Most people would agree that the bathroom space of a home has become more important over the last decade. More emphasis has been put into these rooms with careful planning, thought out workable spaces and re-sale value.

Coloured Tapware

Probably the biggest design change in recent years has been the introduction of matte black, rose gold and antique finishes on tapware. We see this tend in all the glossy magazines and DIY shows, visually the impact is bold but careful planning is required before investing in this trend. Many colours are directional and suit a personal taste. If you opt to use something a little different choose your brand carefully as most of the finishes available are only powder coated or electroplated. Speaking from personal experience, they don`t look as good when you start using them. The traditional methods of maintaining chrome tapware are lost on the colours as it destroys the finish.

Freestanding Baths

This trend first began to make an appearance in the early part of 2015. A freestanding bath was only available to wealthy or elite. Now we see more and more people allocating space in their bathrooms or ensuite`s for this design. There are many shapes and styles to offer and your room does not need to be enormous to accommodate a freestanding bath, just carefully thought out.

The soft-square Look

For quite some time now many customers have opted for a “square“ theme, this has been bolstered by the great European manufacturers creating an eye for detail. Now, many are looking to soften the look, preferring a more rounded finish whilst still keeping the element of a flat mixer handle or basin surface, as a result, we see the “soft-square“ trend and the two elements provide a more contemporary and timeless design that is much easier on the hands.

Patterned Tiles

The mosaic tile never went out of fashion but we see more advance to breaking up a white or beige bathroom with hints of patterned mosaic. Done tastefully this can add an overall theme to your bathroom which will remain in-vogue for many years to come.

No Doors

An open shower re-creates the feeling of holidaying in some south pacific resort. Frameless showers can open up your space and provide a heavenly experience. Probably not the best idea in a small room. Another point to be mindful of, if you`re having a soaker or drencher style shower it wont be the water falling on the floor that will be your biggest worry , its when you wash your hair and throw your hands about, that water will flick water everywhere, so be careful to make sure your shower area is big enough to avoid the clean up afterwards.

The Floating Cabinet

Large wall mounted washbasins with small offset furniture below can open up a room and make it appear much bigger than it really is. What about storage you say? we in Australia do love our storage space, but that doesn`t mean we need to have big clunky vanities anymore. Cleverly concealed vanities built into wall cavities behind mirrors or floating linen cabinets can provide all the space you need as well as space for your styling pieces.

To help make the design of your new bathroom project easier, Perth Bathroom Packages provide a huge number and variety of bathroom design images on its Inspiration Gallery page or visit our Osborne Park showroom to see some of these design trends in full sized bathroom displays.