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Our Best Bathroom Ideas & Tips

Bathroom Ideas for a Small Area

A small bathroom has to be a smart bathroom because it needs to be functional and practical. Not only does it need to look good but spacious and uncluttered at the same time! However rules were made to be broken and when it comes to small bathrooms spaces and bathroom ideas, you can break them. Follow along with these bathrooms ideas to see how we create an ideal bathroom for you.

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If you have a compact space, it is always good to start with a good floor plan. Whether you are deciding to convert a space or use an under-utilised room, a floor plan is a must! Take advantage of a designer who knows all about how to make your bathroom functional. When dealing with small spaces, functionality is everything!

Dark is Sometimes Daring!

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Dark colours can create drama, but we all know the rules that lights colours work best in small spaces, but this is not always the case. Providing you can create a nice balance between light and dark, it should work. You can have dark walls, white fixtures and perhaps a lighter tile on the floor. The will add to the impact of the bathroom.

Bold & Bright Bathroom Ideas

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Don’t be afraid to use colour. A splash here and there can change the whole perception of your bathroom. Make sure that your colour schemes flows and be careful to ensure it carries throughout the rest of your home, flow is very important. A clever idea is use bright colours as accents and keep the walls white. In this case they have showcased the floor tiles as their bright and bold feature with more bathroom ideas.

Neutrals Work – Accessorize with Colour!

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Neutral colour schemes will create an opulent yet sophisticated look in your bathroom. Sticking to a three colour palette works beautifully, remember that black and white are colours and they do count. Neutrals are great in small spaces. Accessorize with colour, that way you can change things up easily. Look at the different bathroom ideas and see the opportunity is endless.

Bathroom Ideas With a Focal Point

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Creating a focal point is a great way to draw attention from a small space. A freestanding bath is always a great starting point, depending on space. Natural light is very important as it will open the space more. If you are creating a focal point make sure you keep the other elements simple and keep the space uncluttered, this way you will draw your eyes to where you want them to be.

Bathroom Ideas with One Colour Design

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We have all heard of the saying “Less is more”. Well in a small bathroom space this can sometimes be the case. Using strong colour and design will not make your bathroom overdone. One colour palette can be used to it’s fullest and make it sleek and modern. Depending on what mood you are trying to create, this can work very well.

Storage, Storage, Storage

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When designing a small bathroom space, storage is an absolute must! If you use the same colour as the walls it will give the illusion that it is part of the design allow the piece of furniture to blend in. Tallboys are great as they are small in width but tall to allow for plenty of space to put things away. Baskets are also another great idea!

Making Your Bathroom Work For You

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Making the whole bathroom come together can sometimes be impossible. Great space layout and thinking of the overall deign such as tiles, ceramics and cabinetry, can be overwhelming especially in a small space. The key to any small area is functionality and practicality.

So now you know how the professionals do it, why not consider your next bathroom makeover and give it a go! Talk to the bathroom design experts at Perth Bathroom Packages, so we can help you transform your bathroom into a relaxing, functional room. We have loads of bathroom ideas to suit every style and design.

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