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Kohler Odeon Inset Bath 18221A-0

Kohler Ove Inset Bath 1707A-58-0

Kohler Evok Inset Bath 18207A-0

Kohler Regatta Inset Bath 11301A-0

Kohler Escale Inset Spa 11343A-GAB-0

Kohler Evok Bathtub 18343A-0

Kohler Escale Bathtub 11344A-0

Marblo Mojo Bathtub MJR-1800

Forme Soul Bathtub BHY4751500RECT

Forme L`isola Bathtub BHISO1500B

Forme Plunge Bathtub BHPLUNGE1500

Kohler Odeon Inset Bath 18223A-0

Kohler Ove Inset Spa 1709A-GAB-0

Kohler Evok Inset Bath 18205A-0

Kohler Regatta Inset Bath 11300A-0

Kohler Abrazo Bathtub 1800A-HW1

Kohler Evok Spa 18344A-GAB-0

Kohler Escale Spa 11344A-GAB-0

Marblo Mojo Bathtub MJO-1500

Forme Soul Bathtub BHY4751755RECT

Forme L`isola Bathtub BHISO1860B

Forme Plunge Bathtub BHPLUNGE1800

Kohler Patio Inset Bath 18227A-0

Kohler Evok Inset Bath 18345A-0

Kohler Evok Inset Spa 18263A-GAB-0

Kohler Regatta Spa 11303A-GAB-0

Kohler Askew Bathtub 1801A-HW1

Kohler Evok Bathtub 18347A-0

Marblo Mojo Bathtub MJR-1500

Marblo Mojo Bathtub MJO-1650

Forme Gemini Bathtub BHGEMINI1750

Forme Oval Bathtub BHS1490

Forme Soul Bathtub BHY4761490OVAL

Kohler Patio Inset Bath 18225A-0

Kohler Evok Inset Spa 18346A-GAB-0

Kohler Evok Inset Whirlpool 18206A-0

Kohler Escale Inset Bath 11343A-0

Kohler Aliento Bathtub 1805A-HW1

Kohler Evok Spa 18348A-GAB-0

Marblo Mojo Bathtub MJR-1650

Marblo Mojo Bathtub MJO-1800

Forme Libra Bathtub BHLIBRA1715

Forme Lotus Bathtub BHLOTUS1500

Forme Soul Bathtub BHY4761675OVAL

Baths can be one of the most important bathroom decisions. Choosing the right bath can be based on a few different points. What role does your bath play in your life? Is it the luxury of a deep, relaxing soak after a long day? Or does it offer the ultimate convenience of getting the kids cleaned up and into bed? Do you want your bath to be a centre-piece display? Our range of baths come in many styles and sizes, shapes and designs so you can find the perfect solution to fit your bathroom style. And for the ultimate in relaxation therapy, consider a spa or airpool tub for that extra touch of luxury and pampering that you deserve. Available in many sizes and configurations, it’s easy to select a bath or spa that will suit your space, style and budget. So whether your after a simple classic look inset bathtub or or designer luxury freestanding bathtub look no further we can offer the right type of bath for you.

Visit our modern display centre in Osborne Park today located at 10 Sundercombe Street to view a wide variety of inset and freestanding baths and other bathroom fixtures and fittings for the complete home including a bubble shop gallery showcasing working spa models or shop online at www.galvindesign.com.au.

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