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A Bathroom Made Easy

Have you ever wondered how to create the ideal bathroom ? It seems with all the choice and glossy magazines these days we have so much to choose from. With all the different styles we have to choose from. Many have been left wondering how can I create my dream bathroom ?

    Well lets take it one step at a time

  • Have a clear idea of what you want the finished room to look like before you begin. This is important, as changing the bathroom`s decor or layout can be a costly mistake half way thru your project.
    Discuss your ideas with your installer. There is no such thing as standard fittings anymore. If you want your room to be perfect your installer needs to understand your exact requirements.
  • Be careful of flashy fashion trends. All the home renovator TV shows look great but some fixtures are completely impractical in a bathroom environment and will not look as good in one or two years time. Think about how the fixtures will wear over time.
  • Have your bathroom fixtures ready for your installer. They will need to see what exactly you are doing and where the placement of them needs to be. It is crucial to discuss things such as finished height of basins. Or if you are having wall mounted tapware the finished height of the basin spout. A key point to think about is does my fixtures comply to Australian Standards. Like most products for the building industry there is also a standard on fixtures. They have gone through rigorous testing and passed quality checks to make sure your products are going to stand up to the Australian conditions. Using unapproved products may result in a catastrophic failure. One which your insurance company will not back you up with.
  • Visiting a bathroom showroom with a good selection of fixtures is always essential. Pricing of fixtures can vary from brand to brand, however saving a few dollars on cheaper fixtures will cost you a lot more in the long run. A plumbers visit to replace a leaking tap can end up costing more than the tap itself.
  • If your a bit handy you can save a few dollars by doing some of the work yourself. Remember Australia has stricked building codes and many trades for the bathroom require a license. Using unlicensed trades or doing it yourself can affect your insurance should something go wrong. Leave it to the experts, it may seem like a simple task but add up the cost of frustration and its best to stick to the experts.
  • Know your budget and be realistic! When undertaking a bathroom renovation from a professional company they will give you a complete price. This can put most people off, but if you add up all the little bits and pieces and trades over the cost of the whole renovation you will soon come to realize they weren`t far off. Plus you have the headache of trying to manage the renovation yourself. Which means you need to be there for the trades. Answer their questions. The professionals take all of the hassell out of it so it can be worth it to keep you sane.
        So with a few handy hints and tips, why not concider giving your bathroom a facelift. Kitchens and bathrooms are the number one value addition to your home or nest egg. It also makes for a quick sale come time to sell.
        Of course, there are a great many other considerations that may come into play when you are planning your new bathroom, but these will definitely get you on to the right track. As you consider your answers to all of your questions, it is very helpful to look at photos and images so you can visualize the style and character of your new room. We all love bathrooms, especially beautiful and stylish ones where we can create our own little oasis at home. Whether you have your own retreat or are looking to create a new one, you’re just a few ideas, products, and steps away from the bathroom of your dreams thanks to our ultimate bathroom package. We’ve got bathroom designs, the best bathroom products, and designer tips for creating the perfect bathroom, all in one place! What more could you ask for?

    To help make the planning and design of your new bathroom project easier, Perth Bathroom Packages provides a huge number and variety of bathroom design images on its Bathroom Ideas page.