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Enza Basin Mixer 4001/C

Enza Basin Mixer 4006/C

Loure Basin Mixer 97908T-4ND-CP

Loure Shower Taps 75209T-4DR-CP

Minico Basin Mixer 7001/C

Vomano Basin Mixer 8001/C

Nera Shower Mixer 6004/C

Viteo Basin Mixer 8123A-4ND-CP

Aleo Basin Mixer 72275T-4ND-CP

Cuff Basin Mixer 37301A-4ND-CP

Kumin Basin Mixer 98827T-4ND-CP

Strayt Basin Mixer 37327A-4ND-CP

Singulier Basin Mixer 10860A-4ND-CP

Toobi Basin Mixer 7329A-9ND-CP

Symbol Basin MIxer 19480A-4ND-CP

Stance Basin Mixer 14760A-4ND-CP

Stance Shower Mixer 45888A-CP

Stillness Tapware 942A-4-CP

Enza Basin Mixer 4002/C

Enza Basin Mixer 4007/C

Loure Bath Spout 14675A-4-CP

Loure Shower Mixer 75576A-CP

Minico Basin Mixer 7002/C

Vomano Mixer 8004/C

Nera Shower Mixer 6005/C

Viteo Shower Mixer 5225A-CP

Aleo Basin Mixer 98868T-4ND-CP

Cuff Basin Mixer 37303A-4ND-CP

Kumin Basin Mixer 99448T-4ND-CP

Strayt Basin Mixer 37329A-4ND-CP

Singulier Basin Mixer 10861A-4ND-CP

Toobi Basin Mixer 8960A-9ND-CP

Symbol Basin Mixer 19774A-4ND-CP

Stance Basin Mixer 14761A-4ND-CP

Stance Bath Mixer 9122A-4-CP

Margaux Basin Mixer 16230A-4ND-CP

Enza Shower Mixer 4004/C

Loure Tapware 14661A-4ND-CP

Loure Handshower 98964A-CP

Loure Shower Mixer 75596A-CP

Minico Shower Mixer 7004/C

Vomano Shower Mixer 8005/C

Viteo Basin Mixer 16098A-4ND-CP

Viteo Shower Mixer 12733A-CP

Aleo Shower Mixer 97280A-CP

Cuff Shower Mixer 98621A-CP

Kumin Shower Mixer 75574A-CP

Strayt Shower Mixer 98627A-CP

Singulier Shower Mixer 5222A-CP

Toobi Shower Mixer 45890A-CP

Symbol Shower Mixer 14020A-CP

Stance Basin MIxer 9106A-4ND-CP

Stance Bath Spout 15998A-CP

Margaux Tapware 16232A-3ND-CP

Enza Shower Mixer 4005/C

Loure Basin Mixer 97907T-4ND-CP

Loure Bath Spout 14676A-CP

Minico Bath Filler 7300/C

Oblo Tapware 10086A-9ND-CP

Nera Basin Mixer 6001/C

Viteo Basin Mixer 5242A-4ND-CP

Viteo Bath Mixer 8125A-4-CP

Aleo Shower Mixer 97280A-CP

Cuff Shower Mixer 98623A-CP

Kumin Shower Mixer 75575A-CP

Strayt Shower Mixer 98625A-CP

Singulier Shower Mixer 5223A-CP

Toobi Shower Mixer 45891A-CP

Symbol Shower Mixer 14023A-CP

Stance Shower Mixer 45889A-CP

Stance Bath Spout 14795A-CP

Margaux Tapware 16232A-4ND-CP

Try and choose bathroom tapware that will mix well with the whole design of the bathroom. Looks do matter when re-doing your bathroom, however, remember it is equally as important to hold and feel the bathroom tapware or mixers you are considering to be sure they feel comfortable and are easy to use. Consider what your taps will be used for and the type of basin or bath the water will flow into. Do you need a taller tap or a wall-mounted version to fit over an inset or above counter basin? Perhaps you need a longer spout to extend across to a freestanding bath? Whatever your purpose we have the right bathroom tapware for you.

Visit our modern display centre in Osborne Park today located at 10 Sundercombe Street to view a wide variety of bathroom tapware and flick mixer taps as well as and other bathroom fixtures and fittings for the complete home including a bubble shop gallery showcasing working spa models or shop online at www.galvindesign.com.au.

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