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Bathroom Renovations How Does Your Bathroom Stack Up?

Its no secret more emphasis has been put into bathrooms and kitchens in the last decade. So it is not surprising to see more and more bathroom renovations across the metropolitan area. A good bathroom renovations can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your home, while bad renovations can actually decrease the value.

Renovation costs can vary depending on the scope of work you wish to undertake. From a simply tidy up of the fixtures and fittings to a complete re-design of your bathroom space, consumers need to be-ware of the labor intensity involved and factor that into their budgets. Obviously the more you wish to do such as full height tiling the higher the costs.

If your on a budget you can still create a fantastic look to improve your home, the temptation will always be to go cheap on the final touches, the visuals, however this is the most important aspect of all bathroom renovations. This is what you see and a potential buyer can spot the difference in quality. It can also cost you thousands in the long run having to replace poorly made fixtures and fittings to bring the bathroom back to its full luster.

If your bathroom space is well planned and inviting any potential buyer will view that as a plus because they will not have to spend the money themselves upgrading or revamping the bathroom or ensuite.

We have included an Inspiration Gallery from bathroom renovations using beautiful fixtures and fittings from our gallery that did not break the bank.