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Australian bathroom design has changed dramatically over the last thirty years. Bathrooms, in particular, master bathrooms, have evolved way beyond the basic, utilitarian spaces they once were, having now metamorphisized into majestic, sanitized and beautifully created sanctuaries within the home. However, if such a result is to be achieved, especially if you intend to realise your dream bathroom ideas on a DIY basis, then a successful outcome requires thorough planning, careful thought, and of course, the right information.

Planning is the key to making your bathroom ideas a reality

The first key step that you need to take is the process of listing all of the needs and desires you have for your new bathroom. This is a very important process that you must not skip simply because if you don’t plan thoroughly, your vision of the perfect bathroom will become a constantly moving target that will become almost impossible to realise. In fact, a lack of thorough planning is the number one reason why bathroom renovation projects fail, costing home owners a great deal of time, money, effort and stress for no return. You do not want this to happen to you!

So before you do anything else related to your bathroom renovation project, sit down with others that will be involved in the process, your partner most commonly, and provide brief written answers to each of the questions on the following checklist.

  • How would you describe your perfect bathroom design once it has become a reality? How will it look? What materials and colours will dominate? What type of character will it reflect?
  • Will it be spacious or cosy? In other words, what sort of layout best suits your own personality and the physical restraints of the space available?
  • Does it need to be large enough for two people to use at the same time?
  • Do you want the bathroom to be compartmentalised, with separate defined areas for the toilet, shower and/or bathtub?
  • Do you want your bathroom to have two sinks? If yes, will the sinks be co-located on the same vanity or will they be separate, located in different places within the space?
  • Will you include a sit-down makeup vanity?
  • What style of cabinets would you like to have?
  • What type of countertop would you like to have?
  • Will your new bathroom include a new bathtub? If yes, will it be free-standing or set into a platform?
  • What kind of mirrors will your bathroom have? Will they be framed or full wall of mirrors?
  • What kind of lighting do you want? Will you let in natural light with a skylight or external window, or will you have to use artificial lighting only?
  • Will your shower be built for two? Will it have glass or tiled walls?
  • What kind of shower enclosure do you want? Will it use a hanging shower screen, an opaque glass design, a see-through glass design or no enclosure at all?
  • What type of bathroom flooring do you want to have? What size and shape tiles would you like to use? Will they be large or small in design? Is it important that they be non-slip?
  • What type of towel bars will your bathroom have?
  • Will your bathroom need to be accessible to people with special needs either now or in the future? If yes, how will this requirement impact on the design of your bathroom?
  • How will you keep the mirrors from steaming up? Will you use natural ventilation, a bathroom fan, or both? If a bathroom fan, what type is the most efficient and quiet?
  • How much storage do you want for linens, makeup, and other necessary bathroom items?
  • Do you want a heated floor? A heated towel bar? A heated mirror? If yes to any of these, how will their placement impact upon the design and layout of your bathroom?

Of course, there are a great many other considerations that may come into play when you are planning your new bathroom, but these will definitely get you on to the right track. As you consider your answers to all of these questions, it is very helpful to look at photos and images of other bathrooms can help you visualise the style and character of your new bathroom.

To help make the planning and design of your new bathroom project easier, Perth Bathroom Packages provides a huge number and variety of bathroom design images on its Bathroom Ideas page.