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Bathroom Design Trends – What’s New for 2018

Bathroom design trends have come and gone over the years and in some cases they have come back around again. One room however that seems to have a timeless look is the bathroom. As many people would know, a bathroom is not always easy to do and can be expensive aswell as a headache. The bathroom design trends for 2018 is more about functionality, embracing product technology and a trend towards being more environmentally friendly. Bathroom designs trends 2018 is all about having the feel of an oasis and personal sanctuary in the space.

Bathroom design trends 2018 is about easy maintenance and appeal that stands the test of time. This year for 2018 bathroom design trends will see a pattern towards matte textures and warmer colour palettes. This is about maximising space as much as possible and therefore using practical products. The most popular bathroom design trend this year is THIN! Thin profiles whether it is tiles, basins, benchtops or shelving will give you an amazing look in your bathroom design.

Bathroom Design Trends 2018– Smaller & Efficient

The bathroom design trends for 2018 are going towards smaller bathrooms with the focus on efficiency, space and luxury. To make a small bathroom more comfortable is to make sure that you use every inch of the space. The bathroom design trend will be smaller toilets and basins with a thin edge. This will give you the illusion of a smaller profile, therefore giving your bathroom design a tasteful edge. Another bathroom design trend is shelving which is another great way of using the space to your advantage. Free floating vanities will also give you the illusion of space in your bathroom design, therefore creating more space.


Bathroom Design Trends 2018 – Toilets

The bathroom design trend for 2018 is Rimless Toilets! Rimless toilet technology is finally here. Hygienic and easier to clean, this is the way of the future. Japan for years as we know has been the leader in bathroom designs, especially high tech toilets. We are finding slowly that clients are getting a little more interested in their toilets. As we travel overseas and use these facilities, we want the technology here. Bathroom design trends are toilets that are all in one, with the toilet and bidet combination. These toilets do everything for you and are automated with built in seat warmers, deodorisers, lids that open and close automatically. There are so many more extra features that will impress your guests in your bathroom design.

If you don’t want the all in one combination, you can just have the bidet seat which will retrofit to most toilet suites. This will give you the basics in washing, drying and warming your bottom up. They are a fraction of the price and they look great. As we are becoming more conscious of the environment the bidet seat or combination toilet is a great alternative. Not only will you save money by not buying toilet paper, you will also be taking care of the environment.


Bathroom Design Trends 2018 – Styles & Materials

The bathroom design trend for 2018 is netural tones and décor, with the accents of white, grey and brown. Hence this is our colour palette for bathroom designs 2018. With a lot of emphasis of bringing the outside inside, plants are becoming very popular and an organic feature for bathroom designs. Lots of natural tones like warm browns, blues and natural light is a great way to brighten up your bathroom. Aged flooring, weathered tiles and vintage plumbing fixtures is what is trending for bathroom designs 2018. Subway tiles are now a thing of the past. Bathroom design trends are going towards the unique tile shapes and textures. Shaped tiles are also a perfect accent in subtle colours. Tiles have now improved in leaps and bounds via the hexagon, arabesque diamond and Moroccan fish scales being popular in bathroom design trends. Why not try something new and daring by put these on the ceiling as a point of difference to create a bold accent in your bathroom design.

Bathroom Design Trends 2018 – Formatting Tiles

Using large format tiles with no grout lines for both the floor and wall is a great bathroom design trend for 2018. The bigger, the better, and one colour for a flawless look. Rectified tiles have a straight edge that is mechanically processed to ensure that all the tiles are uniform in size. Hence this gives you a seamless finish when laid as they are perfectly square or rectangle.

Bathroom design trends are showing that 3D tiles are becoming popular in bathroom designs for 2018 as the technology has improved. Textured, stacked patterns and embossing have become features in a range of designs. Three dimensional wall tiles have come into the market place. Bathroom design trends are still continuing with timber and timber veneers, the popularity of this material a sense of luxury and warmth. Natural stone is another massive bathroom design trend for 2018. They are available in textured, matte or honed finishes for walls and floors.

Therefore if you would like something a little more subtle why not consider a stacked pattern to highlight a shower or vanity. Bathroom design trends will create a dramatic accent wall for homeowners to show their uniqueness in styling. To make bathrooms more interesting, we are relying on technology, tiles and bold accents.


Bathroom Design Trends 2018– Fittings & Fixtures

Bathroom design trends for 2018 are showing that fittings and fixtures are becoming a more sleek and refined look for the bathroom. The bathroom design trend is straight and square profiles with a matte finish. Colours such as graphite and bronze bring a sophisticated, uncluttered and softer look. Slightly curved tapware will give you an organic look.

Brass & gold fixtures are becoming popular in bathroom designs. Gone are the days (like in the 70’s) that the gold was a bright standout in your bathroom, nowadays it is warm toned gold fittings & fixtures. As we all know, grey has become a popular colour over recent years in bathroom designs, and the gold tone is a perfect complement to this. These fittings add a sense of luxury and the right amount of depth and dimension to the space.


Bathroom Design Trends 2018 – Chrome Fittings

Even though chrome will never date, we are wanting homeowners to come out of their comfort zone. Think outside the box, try and play with the matte and warmer accents of brass and gold toned bathroom fixtures. Polished chrome has a cool, sleek and modern look. This bathroom design trend subtle change of satin, matte and gold are offering something new. Therefore by adding a traditional element to the space which is needed in bathroom designs. Keeping water spots and fingerprints hidden is an added bonus with these fixtures of your bathroom design.

Bathroom design trends 2018 is showcasing titanium as a new finish, which is starting to become popular. It has a smoked mirrored look and has a PVD finish which technically means your colour will not wear off. Lifetime warranties are a must! Therefore when selecting coloured tapware as you don’t want the colour wearing off after a short period of time. We are also finding handles are now an extension of fixtures in bathroom designs 2018. On vanities, handles that match in with tapware will give you a very beautiful seamless look to your bathroom design.

Bathroom Design Trends 2018 – Lighting

The 2018 bathroom design trends for lighting is to highlight the use of lighting techniques. Eg: fixtures and dimmers will create a luxury and relaxing feel. Lighting would normally come secondary but is it one of the more important elements to the function of the bathroom design. Bathroom design trend styles which you can use include light bars, wall lights and small pendants.

In some cases depending on the size of your bathroom, chandeliers have been used as a focal point above a bath tub or in the centre of the room. If you don’t have much natural light coming in through, installing a skylight might be an option. Bathroom design trends are adding warm LED lights, this will give you a more natural feel to the bathroom, especially when putting on makeup. So when you are doing a bathroom design, keep in mind the bathroom design trends for 2018.