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Bathroom Design Trends 2017

Time to look forward into the latest in bathroom design trends 2017 and see where things have progressed and changed. It seems many of the same predominate features in bathrooms are still at strong point and the design has become apparent. Bathrooms are no longer merely functional and hardworking spaces. It is a space where we wash and go. Bathrooms have changed dramatically in recent years.

It is no wonder we carefully look for the latest bathroom design trends 2017. Still they are increasingly becoming places where we satisfy our senses and spend more time in stylish comfort, girding our clean, Fragrant and relaxed selves for the busy lives waiting outside. The bathroom is no longer purely functional. It is a place to escape to, and this will be seen in the move towards bespoke furniture-like cabinetry, mood lighting. Feature tapware and the seamless integration of key functional elements are all in show for bathroom design trends 2017.

The End of Coloured Tapware

Although the demand by the end consumer is still quite strong for matt black & rose gold coloured tapware. Many designers have pulled away from this trend. This has now been done and we are looking to bring back the classic chrome and simple styling.

The problem with the coloured tapware, is it is directional and given the cost of the average renovation these days its not a cheap exercise to start pulling the bathroom apart again in 5 years when the trend is over. Bathrooms need to last for 5 – 8 years so keeping the fixtures neutral is an important aspect to easily update the theme when designs change. You can be in the current bathroom design trends 2017 or jump to 2018 easily.

Our suggestion is to accessorize and style with blacks, coppers and rose gold. This way as the fashion changes you can give your bathroom a complete new look. And yes your chrome tapware will tie in nicely and create a harmonious look and continue with bathroom design trends 2017.


Combination Showers

A emerging bathroom design trends 2017 has become the combination shower. This allows a relaxing, heavenly rain shower with the practicality of a hand held shower as well. More specifically these set-ups that consist of an oversized rain shower and separate handset. Rather than dual shower heads mounted on the same rail or bar. Not only does this nifty configuration offer a more luxurious, invigorating and customization of the shower, but it also delivers a chic, seamless look that won’t add visual bulk to your scheme.


Above Counter Basins

Above counter or surface mount basins seem to be making a come back, most probably because of the desire to create a luxurious look. Common bathroom design trends 2017 reflect this with a lot of bathroom images being posted with simple yet elegant basins that have a thinner rim and are less chunky from what we have seen in the past. Surface mounted basins were usually reserved for an upmarket powder room but are now being observed in ensuites and bathrooms everywhere.

Clients are tending to opt for either a single oversized statement piece, or for two smaller ‘his and hers’ basins; either way, providing a sense of luxury and quality and we see more in the coming bathroom design trends 2017.


Upsizing Tiles & Subway Tiles

A definite emerging preference, is for large-format tiling. This gives the appearance of an endless bigger space. And lets face it if we are doing a renovation most of us have a smaller bathroom and we want it to look much bigger this time round. Common in the bathroom design trends 2017 is bathroom tiling or wall finishes that can make or break a bathroom and renovating this space can be one of the most costly projects in a home. Looking at the most recent bathroom tile trends is an excellent start to choosing wall finishes for a bathroom. This can help to determine new looks on the scene.

Just in case you managed to miss the tiling phenomenon over the past few years which is the metro tile, this and subway tiling is the name given to the bevelled-edge tiles historically found in metro, underground and subway stations the world over. Available in an assortment of colours and price ranges, this look still remains outstandingly popular and concurrent with bathroom design trends 2017. The tiles have now become a modern classic for bathrooms and can be seen everywhere from top luxury hotels to hipster restaurants and incorporates into the latest bathroom design trends of 2017.



Another of the bathroom design trends 2017 is lighting. The Key is flexibility to lighting in today’s bathrooms, the trend of having a space that can be bright and cheery in the daytime, and then adapted to create a calming retreat at the start and end of the day, will see lots of versatile lighting solutions. The use of down lights to cast elegant pools of light over surfaces and recess LEDs behind glass for a diffused, soothing light that’s perfect for when you want to relax in the bath.

Still the use of natural light is one of the most enhancing features you can offer the bathroom space. This gives the appeal of an open air resort style look and can add mush needed brightness to the bathroom space. Why is the bathroom always the last room to get all the good stuff? Make 2017 the year you finally give it a lighting makeover. Whether it’s with a glam chandelier or a colorful pendant, a fun light fixture will add major personality to your space.



We are going back to more organic shapes, with curves overtaking squares. Fine, thin edges on ceramicware is another of the bathroom design trends 2017 particularity in vanity basins. Although sharp, square bath shapes are making an appearance they do still compliment the finer edge and minimal fixtures.



Available space and style agenda dictate choices between freestanding or fitted baths. Both have their disciples – some love the clean sculptural lines of a freestanding bath, while others opt for a neat, easy-to-clean built-in. Designers agree that freestanding baths will still be overwhelmingly popular, this we saw happen at the beginning of 2016 and is still a popular bathroom design trends 2017. And the soft curved shapes help compliment the organic look.



Wall hung furniture is continuing to dominate in the bathroom design trends 2017. The clean minimal look opens up the bathroom and takes the focus off the old heavy clunky vanity cabinet with molded top. Softer timber grains and earthy tones are taking over from the sterile clinical all white fashion trend we saw a few years ago. The saying less is more is certainly a reflection of this.

Keeping all the fixtures minimal while working in harmony as to not over power either the space or compete with each other as the focal point, this once again is dominate throughout bathroom design trends 2017. Give your bathroom even more of a cool factor with a dedicated vanity. All you need is a stool and a mini table to make your bathroom feel extra luxe and give your morning makeup routine its own special space. Seriously, what beauty maven doesn’t dream of trays full of pretty polishes and creams? and very strong in bathroom design trends 2017.



Last year, chic bathrooms boasting glam marble counters, subway tile and brass fixtures, and bathroom design trends 2017 promise to be just as stunning. Modern and minimal bathrooms are a classic look that’ll never really be “over,” but this year promises to bring TONS of personality with texture, color and quirky accessories. Think: bathroom design trends 2017 Think: colorful wallpaper, statement furniture and graphic tile patterns that’ll turn that necessary room into a mini sanctuary or home spa.

Maybe it’s our need to Instagram everything, but it seems like everyone wants to get that five-star hotel feel in their bathroom with photogenic soap products. Get some chic shelving options mounted ASAP — you’re gonna want to show off those new Aesop soaps. Whether you’re planning a renovation or you just want some decor inspiration, we have the right solution for you and will keep you current on the bathroom design trends 2017.

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