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Bathroom Basins – Making It Work

Bathroom basins are one of the most used items in the home. It not only needs to be functional but also practical suit your lifestyle as well as your design style. In our modern world there are now plenty of choice when selecting bathroom basins. This will not only suit your requirements but also your needs. When choosing bathroom basins for an ensuite or children’s bathrooms? This will require a different approach, depending on ages and functionality would be the most important factor to consider.

For the adults of the house, they may want something a bit more special. Given the choice available nowadays, it can be an overwhelming process in selecting bathroom basins and bathroom sinks. There is a lot to consider when selecting a basin for the bathroom. We have complied a bathroom guide to assist you on your journey to choosing the right basin. The advantages of making the right choice in your basin selection will make all the difference in your bathroom.

Bathroom Basins – Above Counter Basins

As the name suggests, above counter basins is installed on top of the bathroom vanity. An above counter bathroom basin can make a striking focal point in your bathroom. Countertop come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colours. If space permitting, you may wish to have a double basin (his and hers) to give a hotel feel to the bathroom basins. It will be also advisable if you are having custom cabinets, make sure you let your cabinet maker know so they can allow for space. I would maybe suggest selecting your basin first that way you can design the cabinet to suit.

You would be surprised on how many have selected their cabinet before their basin and the two don’t work together. What they had in mind is not what they can achieve. Make sure you have enough room behind the bathroom basin for cleaning, especially if your basin tapers in at the bottom. You want to be able to access the whole basin for cleaning.

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Bathroom Basins – Undercounter Basins

A terrific solution! If you want a minimalist, streamline look this is the basin for you. Once again as the name suggests it is installed into the vanity with the whole basin underneath. This design is the most secure because the basin sides are protected from bumps and impact. Therefore will be flush with the benchtop once finished.

Depending on which style you wish to go for, round oval etc. This undercounter basin is a great solution for people wanting more bench space. Also a great solution for children, big and small as cleaning will a breeze for these bathroom basins. We all know how messy children can get with water, this way you wipe the water straight into the basin. Undercounter bathroom basins are only suitable under a solid surface like stone. They are unsuitable for laminate benchtops as they can’t be sealed as well against moisture.

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Bathroom Basins – Wall Hung Basins

These wall hung basins are a great option if you want to create the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. Great for powder rooms or limited spaces. Wall hung bathroom basins are fixed to the wall and the pipes are normally exposed. Nowadays you can get some really nice bottle traps, that you will want to show off. You can also get some wall hung basin that the pipes are concealed within the basin. You also have the option of hanging cabinetry to the side of the basin to make a statement piece and show off your bathroom basins. If you would like to have storage this is a great solution. Another wall hung option is a corner piece. These bathroom basins are normally triangular in shape. Great for spaces that have design restrictions or limited space.

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Bathroom Basins – Inset Basins

Inset bathroom basins are mounted in the bathroom vanity with half the basin below and the other half above. The great advantage of these is they have the depth of the basin but are not exposed like a countertop basin. Stylish and minimalist in design. They are a lot less maintenance than a countertop as they can be easier to clean. Inset basins are also practical if you have children that don’t need to reach as high to wash their hands.

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Bathroom Basins – Semi Recessed Basins

Semi recessed bathroom basins provided more bench space as they tend to overhang over the bench marginally. Semi recessed basins are quite stylish as they are growing in popularity around the world. As the basin protrudes slightly from edge this creates a style feature for modern bathrooms. It is also a great benefit for children as it give them more access.

They are also easier to clean around and underneath. Another great benefit is it can be placed on the narrowest of countertops, which is great for communal bathrooms. If you would like some vanity cabinets below your basin for storage, than the semi recessed basin might be the solution you need. Always hire a professional to install your basin as this has a unique design and requires an installation process.

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Bathroom Basins – Freestanding Basins

A freestanding basin make for a striking focal point in your bathroom. Great if you don’t have a lot of space to work with like a small powder room. These basins are stylish, beautiful and indulgent, making for a statement piece. Freestanding bathroom basins has both the novelty factor and uniqueness in it’s favour.

Because of the novelty factor freestanding bathroom basins often push the design envelope, providing interesting models which provide a distinctive touch to the bathroom. If you prefer you can customise the basin with a choice of colours, to compliment and accommodate the style of the bathroom. Most freestanding bathroom basins don’t have any bench space so you will need to keep this in mind when selecting.

Bathroom Basins – Pedestal Basins

You would normally find these basins in a more traditional designed bathroom. However what goes around comes around and that pretty much describes this basin. The pedestal basin is composed of two pieces, the leg (pedestal) and the basin. It also needs to be supported by the wall, which most people are surprised about.

The pedestal basin works well where you are limited on space in your bathroom or powder room. Depending on what style period your home is or what you are trying to create, it will give you a more vintage look. It will give you an open, airy feel to your bathroom. However there is no counter or storage space. They can also be tricky to clean around as there is normally a gap between the wall and the back of the pedestal. You may place a soap dispenser on the flat space but that would be pretty much it. These are definitely a unique basin to have in your bathroom. Therefore if you are looking for a statement piece, look no further.

Basin Material

There are so many options when selecting your bathroom basin. If you are wanting a hassle free, clean and simple look, than ceramic is for you. This is the most popular choice among consumers. Depending on the style and look you are wanting for your bathroom, this will determine the material you chose. If you are after a ‘hotel style’ bathroom, than stone or glass might be a consideration. Consider materials like bamboo or natural stone if you want the outside inside. This will provide you with a more tranquil look. Which ever way you decide to go, your basin can make all the difference in your bathroom. Practically, functionality and reliability are all factors that need to be considered, along with an excellent warranty.

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