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Area Wall Basin Y0W9

Area Above Counter Basin Y0UF

Grandangolo Washbasin Y0XS

Daytime Wall Basin Y0YS

Caterine Undermount Y651

Happy Hour Above Counter Y0QR

Ladena Undermount Basin 2215X-0

Forefront Semi Recessed 2661X-0

Escale Vanity Basin 12629T-1-0

Reach Handwash Basin 4948CK-00

Mojo Above Counter MJ-C430G

Grandangolo Washbasin YXFB

Area Wall Basin Y0UE

Grandangolo Washbasin Y0XN

Grandangolo Washbasin Y0V8

Nido Above Counter Basin Y0R2

Happy Hour Undermount YXSQ

Happy Hour Above Counter Y0QQ

Briolette Vessel Basin 2373-B11

Forefront Semi Recessed 2660X-1-0

Escale Wall Basin 19034W-00

Reach Handwash Basin 18556W-L-00

Byjo Above Counter MJ-O600G

Grandangolo Washbasin Y0XK

Area Wall Basin Y0W5

Grandangolo Washbasin Y0YD

Daytime Vanity Basin Y0YU

Nido Above Counter Basin YXEP

Happy Hour Above Counter YXSK

Happy Hour Above Counter Y0M9

Conical Bell Semi Recessed 2200T-G-0

Forefront Semi Recessed 98930X-1-0

Reve Above Counter 4819T-0

Reach Wall Basin 4947CK-00

Mojo Above Counter MJ-S420

Reach Handwash Basin 18556W-R-00

Area Wall Basin Y0UP

Grandangolo Washbasin Y0VA

Daytime Wall Basin Y0MB

Nido Wall Basin Y0TT

Happy Hour Above Counter YXSL

Happy Hour Above Counter Y0M6

Rythmik Wall Basin XR112K-00

Escale Handwash Basin 19033W-00

Reve Wall Basin 5027K-00

Reach Wall Basin 18570W-00

Mojo Above Counter MJ-R600G

The first step to choosing a basin is to decide who will be using it. Adults, children, guests or all three? This is important when considering how many basins you need, what shape and material. If you experience the ‘morning rush hour’, then a double basin might come in handy. An above counter basin is perfect for an ensuite, but for the kids or family bathroom, the inset or vanity basin might be easier to use. Are you going for a classic look, or soft-edged and organic, or perhaps something minimalist and contemporary? Whatever you decide, be clear about your choice and stick to it. A luxurious above counter vessel can be the highlight of a powder room. With the amount of basin designs out there, knowing exactly the look you’re after will help you make the right choice.

Visit our modern display centre in Osborne Park today located at 10 Sundercombe Street to view a wide variety of wall, above counter and undermount basins as well as other bathroom fixtures and fittings for the complete home including a bubble shop gallery showcasing working spa models or shop online at www.galvindesign.com.au.

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