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10 Essential Bathroom Ideas

Below is a list of our Top 10 Bathroom Design Essentials, all of which are essential to a bathroom that not only fulfills the requirements of functionality, but also the important role of aesthetic form.

1 A View Of The Vanity

Set your bathroom up with a view of the vanity so that family and visitors alike are not forced to gaze at the toilet. If you have enough space you can make the vanity a real feature that draws the eyes and acts as the central focus of the bathroom space, no matter where in it you might be.

2 Built In Heaps Of Storage

These days, more than ever, bathrooms need a lot of storage. The best place to store toiletries is the shaving cabinet because they are at eye level. Shaving cabinets are also quite shallow so you don’t stuff at the back. Try creating a storage wall that runs the whole length of the bathroom, and if you can have a lower mirrored cabinet for the children as well.

3 Good Ventilation Is A Must

It is imperative that you avoid foggy mirrors, mould and damp! Bathrooms are wet areas. All wet areas need ventilation and natural cross ventilation is the best. If you don’t have access to good ventilation, consider a ventilated skylight or roof window. Ideally windows should be able to stay open 24/7 without letting in rain, insects or intruders. Even if you have good ventilation always use a exhaust when showering and make sure the suction is adequate for the length of ducting.

4 – Light your face, not the mirror

If you don’t get this right you end up being blinded by the light in the mirror. Lighting the mirror instead of the face is a common mistake. The best lighting is wall mounted above or beside the mirror and provides diffuse light to the face. Avoid ceiling mounted recessed downlights as they often cause shadows under the eyes.

5 Create A Bathroom That’s Easy clean

Here’s how you create an easy to clean bathroom. Try a wall hung toilet pan or a flush to wall suite to avoid having to clean all the little gaps. Try using large wall tile to minimise the grout or, where the tiles allow, consider tight grout joints. Try not having a benchtop, just a basin so items aren’t left lying around and there are less surfaces to clean.

6 Natural Light Make A Bathroom An Inviting Space

So much lighter, brighter and cheaper because it’s free. Simply put, light, bright bathrooms are warmer and more inviting than those that lack adequate lighting or those that are entirely reliant upon artificial lighting. Where you can’t get good natural light, try using uplights to bounce light off the ceilings and walls.

7 Safety First, Opt For A Non Slip Shower

Showers can feel great underfoot and be safer too. Think mosaic tiles, chips of tumbled marble or pepples. These sorts of floors allow you to get really good falls to the drain and can be a lot safer. With all the extra grout, make sure you seal them twice as much as recommended with a penetrating sealer to avoid discolouration.

8 You can’t see the dust

Some floor tiles can hide the dirt between cleans., but others, such as shiny black tiles, often show every spec of dirt and never look clean. So look for tiles that are matt in finish, not too dark or too light and a bit grainy to look at such as limestone or shellstone, both of which are great at hiding dust and dirt.

9 Consider Smaller Floor Tiles

These fall to the drain easier and improve slip resistance. Avoid large tiles for your bathroom floor unless you can afford to use those expensive linear drainage systems. Small tiles, like mosaic tiles often create a more slip resistant finish.

10 Mirrored Walls Create A Great Sense Of Space

A well placed mirror can almost double the feeling of a bathroom space. The best mirrored walls run wall to wall without visible fixings so that they mirror the space almost perfectly. Make sure mirrors are well sealed on the back to avoid deterioration around the edges.